J. B. Ford @ Buffalo Harbor Museum Buffalo, New York


The Buffalo Harbor Museum formerly Lower Lakes Marine Historical Society located in Buffalo, New York has a couple items on display from the Steamship J. B. Ford.  In addition they have an extensive collection of old work orders from Oldman Boiler Works.  They performed many repairs on the ship when it would lay-up in Buffalo during the mid to late 1960’s.

j. b. ford bailer

In 1959 the J. B. Ford’s sister ship MacGilvray Shiras broke free from her moorings and navigated three bends in the river crashing into another freighter which collided and brought down the Michigan Avenue lift bridge.  The museum has an extensive photo collection of the Shiras, E. C. Collins and J. B. Ford.

The Str. MacGilvray Shiras docked in Buffalo, N. Y. At this time the vessel is part of the Steinbrenner fleet from 1944 to 1959 when it was scrapped. Photo part of Strong Collection


Buffalo Harbor from Air
Buffalo Harbor from Air, route of steamer Shiras in 1959. left Concrete Central Elevator ended up at Michigan Avenue lift Bridge.


Str. MacGilvray Shiras after the accident involving the Michigan Avenue Lift Bridge. Later in 1959 the vessel will be scrapped. That same year the man MacGilvray Shiras passed away. Who would have thought 60 years later her sister ship would still be afloat at a scrap dock.  Photo part of Strong Collection.


Oldman Boiler Works Buffalo, N. Y. slip with names of workers & tools required to fix the J. B. Ford’s winch in 1963


The J. B. Ford in Buffalo, N.Y. Note her pilothouse windows are covered indicating she is still in layup. Photo Strong Collection


Details of an Anchor winch repair that was done by Oldman Boiler Works in Buffalo, N. Y. in 1963


Str. J. B. Ford in Buffalo, N. Y. at the Huron Cement Dock(currently Lafarge). Her hull is green indicating photo was taken closer to 1959. Photo Strong Collection.


The E. C. Collins (future J. B. Ford) in dry dock. This dock in Buffalo, N. Y. has since long been filled in. Note some of the plates are marked for replacement or repair.


The E. C. Collins in Buffalo, N. Y. Photo Strong Collection


The E. C. Collins in Steinbrenner colors passing down the Buffalo River. Note the crew quarters on the main deck between hatches #9 & #10.  Before upgrades to the Collins crew quarters were located on the gangway level, forward of the steering gear.  Strong Collection


Aft house of E. C. Collins Strong Collection


Str. E. C. Collins in Buffalo, N. Y. prior to being sold to Huron cement in 1956. Strong Collection Photo. To obtain copies of photos or research Oldman Boiler Works invoice files please contact Buffalo Harbor Museum for more information.

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